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Teen titans

— feeling big smile

The name of my book is teen titan,the author of this book is will pfeifer.My book is about a group of teen super heroes that are trying to save their city from distruction.The characters in my book are wonder girl,raven,beast boy,red robin and bunker.The villain in my book is a man or women wearing black with green glasses.My book starts with the mask man/women are with a group of people and thy took over a bus and superwomen went to stop it.But beast boy and all the others came to stop them but the mask person got away they asked witnesses if they knew who they were or anything.At the end raven tracks down the mask person and lock it up.I give this book a 5/5 titans because it had a lot of action and at the same time it had mystery.this book made me feel happy because i love comic books.